With the goal of leading the DIGITAL DENTAL market,
ARUM Dentistry takes the lead in the development
of advanced technologies through expansion of
its R&D research center and research personnel and
activation of research in addition to enduring investments.

ARUM Dentistry is constantly striving to become
a true Digital Total Solution company beyond
CAD/CAM milling machine and dental materials.


Dental Cad/Cam Milling Machines

 ARUM has been leading the development of dental technology through commercialization of metal material machining in the dental industry and has been being boastful of its advanced technology of CAD/CAM milling machine through the development of machining technology that considers various characteristics of dental materials.

ARUM  is establishing its unique competitiveness by securing the largest CAD/CAM library in the same industry through many years of experience in responding to worldwide machining cases.

Dental Materials

 ARUM Dentistry has built the industry’s largest implant-compatible system through rapid material development tailored to consumer needs.

In addition, ARUM Dentistry  is practicing quality management without compromising on quality through the machining tolerance of ±5㎛ and full-scale inspection of all products.