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 We intend to develop new technology and
products that improve the quality of life for dental patients.

Super Porcelain EX-3

 The fabrication procedures for Noritake Super Porcelain EX-3 are
remarkably easy. Its outstanding features are made possible because of
its very fne particle size. Noritake Super Porcelain EX-3 is superior to
other dental porcelains because its coeffcient of thermal expansion(CTE)
remains stable during repeated bakings.


CERABIEN™ ZR is a porcelain for making all ceramic crowns in use with
zirconia framework. Single crowns made from CERABIEN™ ZR with
zirconia can be used in the posterior as well as anterior, due to its
extremely high flexural strength. The combination of CERABIEN™ ZR and
zirconia will give you enhanced esthetics and ft with maximum strength
for an overall superior restoration.

 KATANA™ Zirconia

 Natural beauty for all your prosthetics.
Create partials, natural veneers, full contour prosthetics and large dentin-like frameworks with our line of zirconia disks.